The Main Street Sweep

by The Main Street Sweep

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released July 13, 2016

Additional back up vocals: Skot Shaub , Larissa Melbert

Man Boy Records



all rights reserved


The Main Street Sweep Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A Ska N Roll Band Based out of Lancaster PA.

Tony- Vocals/Guitar
Dan Freeman - Tenor Sax
Alex Beisker - Drums
Joe Hamer - Bass

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Track Name: Broken Lullaby
Do you wanna go out sunday afternoon, do you wanna leave this town tonight
did you get the money that i left for you, hoping you just make it out alive
do you wanna go home, do you wanna sleep alone
wanna take back all the things that we said
did you get the letters that i sent to you, maybe im just keeping you goin

small things baby yea the real thing everything that you ever wanted
always waiting for the longing of a better day

sunday morning came and went, felt like i had no sleep
i was praying to god my baby would bring it on home to me
maybe your a little out of touch, maybe you havn't lost enough
now im hoping my baby she will see ... how its gonna be

theres always something waiting on a better day
and i couldyve been all you wanted
you couldve given me the things i needed
tell me baby is this the way that its supposed to be
me thinkin about you baby are you thinkin of me

darken silhouettes like still frames in my mind
watchin cars pass down route 109
i used to hope and wish that you would come out and play
now im only wondering how my baby ended up this way

yea theres somethings, maybe all things that wanna keep you down
but theres always something waiting on a better day
Track Name: All Along
Ive been hearing these words, that ill try to hide from
ive been singing them songs, like the songs of my lord

ive been runnin for such a long time, and ill keep on trying to get it right
I might have waited to long, ill let you know baby
I wouldve driven you home, would've helped maybe
I wouldve waited up all night, for you just to come home
but its always been about you its always been about you all along

and now i can say that ive tryed im just wasting your time
waiting for a moment that might never arrive

and youve been running for such a long time and you'll keep on trying to get it rightI
might have waited to long, ill let you know baby
I wouldve driven you home, would've helped maybe
I wouldve waited up all night, for you just to come home
but its always been about you its always been about you all along

your momma never told you there'd be days like these and your pappa never told you there would be me tapping at your window late at night bleeding out from all of these wounds, ill keep bleeding girl ill keep on bleeding for you
Track Name: Downtown
I've been watchin your hands shakin, ive seen the heat in your eyes and the blinded side but im im alright with your narrow ways and the ends that aren't in sight
im taking my time, to write these songs but i can't seem to get out the lines
are you alright, you gave it all away for another lonely night

is everybody lonely now, is everybody fallin down
is anybody going out, is everybody fallin is everybody going , is anybody lonely now

im gettin carried away, hearing all the things that you wish you would say
maybe someday youll hear those words and baby i just may
keep to my self, its nothing more than a hand that i was dealt
im alright, passing by the days with lonely night

is anybody goin downtown baby right time maybe laura itll be ok
right time maybe downtown baby laura itll be ok

itll be ok

maybe laura
Track Name: Dear Karen
we could've had it all dear karen, if only youd have waited to see
maybe im not the one who's been caring, as much as you'd have want me to be

well i dont know what i would've said and everybody's wondering where youve been and i wish that i would have known, that you you were never coming home

now im lying awake at night, seeing still frames of you
wondering if my karen, still thinks about me too

well ive been trying to see the ways the nights get dark and how the mornings bleed now i know all the blood thats been falling down
its been coming right out of me

now she's gone my karen she's been taken away from me
lonely but im still caring, you think she still cares for me
Track Name: She's Gonna Dance Tonight!
she's taking taking back everything, and you've shakin shakin off everything
stale cigarettes and old cheap wine can't seem to get you out of my head
my heart is breakin, breakin from those things you do
i've taking takin my very last ride with you
this is to the girl with the far away eyes shes slowly slowly fallin apart

I was gonna take her home .... but she's not alone

my hearts made out of stone, my alibi has no body home
i keep a switch blade tucked away for a long night hitchin a ride on the freeway
she's got holes in the soles of her shoes isn't able to run but my baby's gonna dance tonight
Track Name: A Part of The Scene
she was a local girl, she never was the fighting type
she had a lonely world, she could never seem to get it right
but she was all alone when he walked in
and he promised her a way out
she nodded her head and she smiled and said
grab your keys, where's the door

oh julie i wish you would come back to me oh julie i wish youd have listened to me

julie didn't know, he's done this a thousand times before
but she couldn't go after he went and he locked the door
now shes making money but its not funny
now she's a part of the scene
you left me all alone cause you're to stoned
you never knew what you meant to me
Track Name: Going Back To Mary
I've been walking down the streets, i know them all
i keep callin up my laura im up the walls
ive taken lonesome pictures on old forgotten hills
my love, my love where have you gone

it always seems to be
going back to mary, sally's crying in the rain
holdin on just barely can't forget her name
still it keeps on going back to mary

ive sang with all the angels, still i aint no saint
Jenny ive been crying my self to sleep these days
im still hanging on to all the things that went wrong
my love my love where have you gone

it always seems to be
going back to mary, sally's crying in the rain
holdin on just barely can't forget her name
still it keeps on going back to mary
Track Name: The Blues
She walks these rainy streets, she's got a hold on me
she likes to take the avenues to be the one just to be with you
tonight she's leaving town, tonight she's leaving town
maybe some day she'll come back around

maybe next time i sing the blues ... ill sing the way you always wanted me to

Virginia she sleeps alone, she always liked it that way
maybe she's got everything, everything everything everything

maybe i got in the way, keep blaming on the raing but you wait you wait
me its all the same lookin at you that way, you wait you wait you wait
Track Name: You Gotta Go
baby every day you can sell me a dream, keep tellin me that im everything
you gotta go ... baby you gotta go
id never notice when youd lie to me cause every little thing was a lie to me
you gotta go... baby you gotta go

you gotta go go go cause you're a little to much for me
the lying and the cheating are breakin my heart
if we were to try where do we start
you gotta go... baby you gotta go

baby every day you'll be breakin my heart taking my wallet and the keys to my car, you gotta go .... baby you gotta go
you left me all alone sitting here on the floor you went out you were lookin to score, you gotta go .... baby you gotta go
Track Name: You're Already Gone
I always said, back in high school you always knew id be your fool
i spent my time just feeling blue was dying to show you something new

you would take out every boy in town, you'd never look at me
i should have known how id spend my life but mellinda its alright

a happy thought a memory if you will, i didnt think she'd leave until
an angel would cry, the devil will laugh you'd think id learn that life goes to fast

hey but now she's gone and im all alone, i can never see
the look on her face when i come back to town cause mellinda's not around... Mellinda's skipped on town

I've wasted my time wondering why what happened what went wrong
i can still remember you walking away i wont even try when you're gone
You're already gone

well just go for now you'll be back again im hoping that its not to long
waiting for you to come back home so mellinda im not alone
mellinda please come home
Track Name: Idle Hour Kind of Way
there's an old white dress waiting to come home
its waiting on you and youre waiting on the moon
i aint got the time to waste in this town, im not the kind of man whos gonna follow you around
there's an old parking lot where we used to lay low
its down by the school yard where julio goes
did you ever get that dress where it belongs out of the dark and out on the road

I never tryed to may you stay, cause i dont wanna be the one who gets in your way, of you and your idle hour kind of way

ive got your money the checks in the mail tell your old friends that im right here
i cant seem to get you eye to eye i never told you to say goodbye
by the time that i get there you'll be gone there will be a note hanging out on the door
telling me to go home and get some sleep
come back again maybe next week